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TAX SPOT GROUP of companies consists of 4 companies offering a wide range of quality services:

TAX SPOT LTD – services for individuals: tax rebates, returns, allowances, housing loans, various insurances and documents, UTR number, NI number, CSCS card;

TAX SPOT ACCOUNTING LTD – corporate services: company registration, full bookkeeping, VAT and corporate annual reports, payroll administration, advice on financial optimization;

TAX SPOT LEGAL LTD – immigration services, consulting on deportation matters, resident documents and appeals to HMRC, Council, and Tribunal;

TAX SPOT TRADE LTD – business development in the UK, business plans and loans, certificates and business licenses, recruitment services for companies.

Our services include innovative and effective financial solutions, drafting necessary and useful visitors documents, official representation of individuals in the tax office.

Our business customers can rest assured with our services of accounting and advice on effective allocation of finances.

We represent individuals in tax offices responsibly and carefully, and handle all process with regard to a person’s situation.

TAX SPOT GROUP seeks long-term customer relationships and creates an atmosphere of comprehensive trust between the company and its clients. We are focused on the principle of fairness, teamwork and commitment. This is a cornerstone of TAX SPOT GROUP contributing to our unique business environment and long-term financial success. This is success created by our shared responsibility.

Mission of TAX SPOT GROUP – to provide comprehensive tax, financial and accounting management package for individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises. The full package allows business owners not only to save financial costs, but also to optimize the company’s costs, ensure the compliance with the latest laws, and make effective decisions.

All our departments are streamlined to make TAX SPOT GROUP company of new generation. By expanding our business and seeking inspiration in everyday work, we closely collaborate with our clients and our objectives are closely linked with the satisfaction of their needs.

We create success to our customers by identifying their needs and offering value-added solutions.

We foster the company’s environment where each team member is valued and has opportunities to grow.

The corporate culture of TAX SPOT GROUP is based on commitment, responsibility, trust and respect for each other.

We appreciate both positive and negative experiences as a basis for learning and innovation. We adapt to constantly changing policies and times.

Most often, clients come to us after experiencing failures from incompetent providers, searching for a company that could solve their very complicated issues. Our services are of high quality. We always do what we agree with our client. We never promise what we cannot do. The first consultation is free. Only after analysing your personal circumstances we will determine the conditions of services.

We are often recommended because of clarity of information, quality of service and warm professional approach. We believe that when the job is done efficiently, a comprehensive positive result will definitely follow. We work diligently and responsibly. We have clear and strong values.

TAX SPOT GROUP staff is knowledgeable, experienced, receptive to innovation, good listeners and performers, diligent, with knowledge of their work and responsibility.

TAX SPOT GROUP provides services not only to residents of London, but also outside, living in Lincoln, Boston, Birmingham, Manchester, Norwich, Norfolk, Cambridge, Grantham, Spalding, Kent, Wolverhampton, Leeds, Bradford, King’s Lynn, Wisbech, Suffolk, Leicester, Liverpool, Peterborough, Bournemouth, Northampton, Great Yarmouth, Ipswich, Worchester, Nottingham, Warrington, and other cities and towns.

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